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SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves are designed to reduce PM emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely.

The stoves have been independently tested by an approved test laboratory and met the emissions and minimum efficiency criteria for Ecodesign. The test results have also been verified by HETAS and listed on the HETAS web site. Click on the Ecodesign logo to see verified list of SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves on the Hetas web site.

Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions. It is due to come into force for stoves in the UK in 2022. SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves will meet the Ecodesign requirements and are available now. The PM emissions limit for Ecodesign is 55% lower than for DEFRA exempt stoves.

What is the SIA?

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) was formed in 2008 to promote and explain the benefits of wood-burning stoves.

From the outset, the SIA has sought to inform the public and government about the carbon saving benefits of wood burning stoves. In 2017 the SIA launched the Ecodesign Ready scheme. Ecodesign Ready stoves will meet the stricter Ecodesign emission limits coming into force in 2022 and are available now.

Ecodesign Ready stoves have been welcomed by Defra and the Mayor of London, as a significant way to reduce emissions. In order to secure this endorsement, the SIA has carried out independent tests to support / validate the industry viewpoint. The launch of Ecodesign Ready stoves was sponsored by Neil Parish, Chairman of the Select Committee on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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Defra / Eco Design