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Burley Stoves

The most efficient wood burning stove in the world.

Ive been working with wood burners for 24 years and Ive never seen a flame picture as good as this.

"We spent many weeks doing research into wood burning stoves, visiting local show rooms, obtaining quotes from 5 suppliers and no one recommended the Burley range, as the emphasis was on Stovax and other brands. Whatever we saw, we did not like, either the handles were flimsy or awkward or the designs either too traditional or too contemporary. We also wanted an 8.5kw with DEFRA approval which isn't easy to find. Then I found the Burley Brampton and it was love at first sight! It gave us everything we wanted from a stove, at the right price. We didn't even see it but bought it based on the reviews and price. We have not been disappointed one bit, it is a wonderful piece of engineering, solid, strong, beautifully clean in design with a large viewing pane. We have spent a fortune on wood, because we cannot stop using it! We don't bother going out now as we love our cosy nights in with the fire burning. The first night, we didn't even bother putting our tv on, we just watched our new wood burner! And we have turned our heating off every night as it is hot enough to heat most of our downstairs, so we look forward to reduced heating bills come the Spring! I cannot recommend it highly enough. And to all novice stove owners, it is easy to light, just make sure you have dry wood to get it going, we have made mistakes buying wood from supermarkets which has been wet - but another plus is this stove comes with a wood moisture tester too, so you can tell before you put the wood onto it! 10 out of 10 Burley!"