Clarity 30 DEFRA boiler stove


About This Product

Ekol Clarity 20 / 30 Multi-Fuel Central Heating Boiler Stove

DEFRA ApprovedOne of a very few central heating boiler stoves that boasts DEFRA exemption making it suitable for homes located in smokeless areas

The Ekol Clarity 20 & 30 models are capable of powering central heating radiators, heating water and providing warmth and ambience in your home

Every element of the stove has been optimised to produce a powerful, highly efficiency heating appliance

Available in two sizes to suit most homes

The Ekol Clarity 20 can provide hot water and central heating for up to 12 radiators

For larger homes, the Clarity 30 is capable of powering up to 18 radiators

Multi-fuel stove designed to burn wood, anthracite and similar type solid fuels

Easy access to the chimney flue for cleaning through the stove

Steel bodied with cast iron door in a fresh, modern design

Clarity 20 offers 8.3kW to water and 5.7kW to room

Clarity 30 offers 10.2kW to water and 9.0kW to room

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