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Gas Stoves

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ACR Neo 3P gas

Supplied with an up and out flue kit and the LED lighting system

Desire 5 Gas stove
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Hawk 4 gas stove
Herald 6 Gas stove
Ignite 5 gas stove
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Select 6 gas stove
Selene 6 Gas stove
Verona 6 Gas stove

Contemporary Gas Stoves
A gas stove need not be traditional in form. Sleek and shining exteriors in glass or stainless steel and additional enamelled flue pipe may all be combined to give a thoroughly contemporary look, complete with clean lines and simple, sophisticated style. Some stoves also come with the option of a pedestal or a specially manufactured stove bench to raise the appliance, giving excellent views of the flames and fuel effects as well as a visual impact for your room.

Traditional Gas Stoves
Creating a centrepiece in your home has never been easier with a Gazco gas stove. Inspired by its solid fuel counterpart, our selection of traditionally styled gas stoves are available in a range of sizes and fuel effects. These highly efficient gas stoves are available as manual control or can be upgraded to remote control versions giving you maximum enjoyment at the touch of a button.